Calculator UI

Calculator UI is a Factorio mod which adds a calculator to the Factorio game with the goal to have a little bit of usability behind it.

Based on

The 4-Function Calculator found in the Max Rate Calculator mod by Theanderblast.


  • List of recent calculations
  • Use of parentheses in the equation
  • Rounding of numbers (number of decimal places can be set in the settings)
  • Copy a recent calculation into the current calculation (by shift+left-click on the equation you want to copy)
  • A nifty little easter egg ;-)
  • Use of some advanced function and constants of the Lua math-lib (without math.) -> e.g. "pi" instead of "math.pi".
  • Shortcut for opening the calculator and automatically focus on the input (Default: Ctrl+Shift+C)
  • When setting "Clear equation on calculation" is set, it allows you to "calculate further", it takes the previous result and applies the new equation to it


Well ... ehm ... search for the mod ingame and install it :-)


Press the 3 little dots on the shortcuts UI of Factorio to select the "Calculator". Afterwards you can click on the calculator symbol to open it.


see separate changelog